Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello! Apologies for the late post-- the internet at my place decided it wants to stop working for a bit.

So up for review today is Stila's classic eyeshadow Kitten. Heard of it? Sure you have! Kitten is one of those shades that has a cult following- just ask :) And rightfully so!! I am in love with Stila's shadows because they are both densely pigmented and easy to apply and blend. Gotta love it! And Kitten is just such a gorgeous universal shade~ a peachy champagne. Sooo lovely :):)

Here are some pictures of it:

And here it is on-- it's the only color I have on:

See!! So incredibly pretty! And it can be used on a number of skin tones, from Halle Berry to Blake Lively!

It is a little pricey-- $18 for shadow and $2 for the pan compact-- but it does last a long time! Just a tip: for heaven's sake don't drop it! Cause it breaks apart easily :(

Otherwise, I LOVE it!!

What do you think? Do you own this popular shade? Want to? Are you "smitten with Kitten"? Or do you have something that competes with it? Let me know!

Until next time~
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