Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Eye Shadow Quad

Hello there!

Today I’m taking a look at Maybelline’s new Eye Studio Color Plush Eyeshadow Quad.

“Richest color, smoothest feel, now silk makes shadow new again. Our exclusive formula with silk pigments creates the ultimate shadow texture and luminosity.” This quad is $9.49 at Walgreen’s. The shade I selected is Taupe Temptress.

Let’s take a look at this shadow before it’s even on:

Left to right: the light is a very snowy shade, then there is pink, gray, and then a purplish color. The white is basically just glitter, the pink hardly shows up, the silver is actually quite nice, and the purplish is actually almost black! Misleading.. I don’t approve.

On, these look different =(

Here are pictures of me with it on~

So yeah. Do you see any pink or silver or anything really at all? Or the shimmery white “V” in the inner corner? Cause I don’t. If I seem upset it’s because I am—I figured this shadow was competing with L’Oreal’s HIP line, and these shades have hardly any pigment, they don’t have any staying power, and they were hard to blend. Gross.

Other shades might do alright? But the one that I purchased is going to be immediately returned. Bad job, Maybelline. Their attempt at a “highly pigmented shadow” resulted in a super glittery, sheer, fading-after-a-few-hours product.

Is this just me? Has anyone else out there tried this? I really would like some feedback on this~

Until next time~

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