Friday, November 12, 2010

The Doctors!

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So one show I love is The Doctors on NBC in the afternoons. Today they had a neat show with "The ABC's of health." I decided to take notes and share!! I didn't do some letters, like E.. for Erection, lol. But anyhow, I found it interesting and wanted to share!

Age Spots:
Use pure lemon juice- rub it on spots like on back of hands and let it dry completely. To be effective you must apply it a few times a day, over a prolonged period.
You can also use over the counter products, and look for the following ingredients:
-- Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Retinol

Bad Breath
Solution: Apple cider vinegar, freshens breath and kills bacteria.
Mix 1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar to water. Be sure to just gargle it, don't swallow!

Canker Sore
Sauerkraut~ acidic which could kill harmful bacteria, fermented so contain probiotics to promote healing. Has to be fresh.. canned has vinegar which can hurt.
Sores can mean deficiencies so see your doc!

Dehydration is the big problem, especially in children. Make your own popsicles to help rehydrate kids. Ingredients: Water, carrot juice to soothe stomach, limes and blueberries to kill pathogens that cause diarrhea, unsweetened yogurt with live cultures to replace good bacteria, and a pinch of salt for electrolytes. Like a frozen smoothie!

Caused by broccoli, chili beans, etc.
Grapefruit aids in digestion, either the fruit or grapefruit seed drops.
Tip: use Greek yogurt to make dip instead of sour cream.

FLOSS (85% of Americans have some sort of gum disease!)
Don't brush too hard.

Use a spoonful of sugar, place it on your tongue and allow it to melt.

Jiggly Arms
#1 complaint on problem areas in women.
Push up - works shoulders and triceps, with the added benefit of abs and chest
Bench dip - works shoulders and triceps
Shadow boxing with light weights

Knee Pain
RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

How to make lips smooth kissable and soft!
Paste: butter (natural moisturizer), turmeric (natural antiseptic), and nutmeg (locks in moisture).

Don't tilt your head back! Lean forward and pinch your nose, hold it for 10 minutes. Pressure will stop the great majority of nose bleeds. Do not lay down! Keep your nose above the level of your heart.

Oily Skin
Do not use a harsh cleanser, it ends up stimulate the skin to produce even more oil.
Use a gentle cleanser with a low pH.
Use a clay mask for a weekly deep cleanse.
If it is severe talk to your doctor about a prescription such as Retin-A.

Quit the Clean Plate Club!
Plate sizes have grown over time! If you quit the habit, you could lose 28 lbs alone! People underestimate how much they eat.

If you spot for 3 days in a row for more than a few months, see your doctor!

Change it frequently, every 4-6 hours. Try to sleep with a pad, not a tampon.

Most common symptom is abdominal pain, feels like a gnawing sensation. An ulcer occurs when the mucus of your stomach lining thins enough to where it is exposed to the stomach acids. Cabbage juice could heal up to 95% of ulcers (in the study it was a quart! ehh).

Dizziness where you feel like your surrounding are moving.
Hard to treat, but there is something new available-- DizzyFix hat (.com)

Weight Loss
Healthy diet and regular activity is the best way to lose weight.
Spices that could aid in weight loss:
Cinnamon -- a good alternative to sugar.
Cayenne pepper -- may act as an appetite suppressant.
Black pepper -- can boost metabolism by 8% for up to several hours.

Yellow Teeth
Natural remedies: mashed up strawberries which contain acid which kill the bacteria that causes yellow teeth. You can also rub orange peel which can lift tarter and plaque.
GOSmile smile whitening light system, similar to what the dentist uses in the office. Can lighten your teeth 6 shades.

Use cucumber! Which cuts the bacteria inside zit.
Brush on a puree, or dip a cotton ball in cucumber juice. It has an astringent effect, and also an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

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