Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Finds!!

I figured a nice happy post would be appropriate for a Monday. =) I had some fun finds at Target over the weekend!

(BTW listen to "Love Like Woe"-The Ready Set while you read for double happiness!)

First up: e.l.f. has some fantastic make-up sets available at Target! I scooped up this 100-eyeshadow palette (and let momma know she got me a great Christmas present, haha!)


Each color is about the width of ... a quarter. That's a good comparison. So they're not wimpy little squares! And this has a truly great range of colors~ I always get upset because there are never good purples! But this one has wonderful neutral and also brights to play with. Score!

And yes-- you did read it correctly-- IT'S $10 !!!!!!
(I must admit-- they really do have nice, pigmented color, but I do have an issue with e.l.f. eyeshadows and the fall-out~ see review below.)

Link: e.l.f. Eyeshadow Palette - 100 shades

Think you'll be picking this up? Cause you probably should. ;)

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. I've never gotten stuff from E.L.F. because they are so cheap, and inexpensive makeup scares me sometimes :P but I've heard such great things about them that I think I'll have to try! Have you used the blush/bronzer duo yet from them? I wanted to know if you liked it :) cause it does look a lot like the Nars duo!