Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi there!!

Ok, so there is only 1 thing I love more than mascara.

And that's nail polish!!

There is just something so FUN and fancy about painting your nails =D
Just ask my old college roommate.. I used to re-do my nails every Sunday, haha!!

I recently picked up some new shades at ULTA. Let's take a look, shall we?

Ok, we have:
OPI "The Show Must Go On" and OPI Show It and Glow It!" from their new Burlesque inspired line.
ULTA Brand in "Chic Peek" and "After Party."

And on, in the same order~ (please excuse the nasty nails, I had just cut them down, and then found these beautiful shades, ugh!)

And here are some close-ups:

The Show Must Go On
- This one was hard to photograph~ it's a pinkish red with orange micro-glitter. Check out this blogger's site for awesome swatches!

Show It and Glow It!

Chic Peek

After Party

They are all SO pretty!!

I think my fave for this fall is definitely Chic Peek-- it's grey and dark, without being too dark, and comes off a bit purple-ish and almost brown-ish, too. So pretty! Though, in the pics it just looks silver =\ Trust me- YOU WANT THIS COLOR! Also, most of the time, ULTA has a BOGO-free sale!! (And After Party layers well on other shadows ;)

What are you wearing on your nails? What are you looking forward to wearing for the fall/winter season??

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. I love chic peek the most too! I was thinking that at the first photograph! It's like an update version of the flat taupey mauve people wore a lot last year, which I also love infinitely. But the glitteryness is a nice twist. Purport brown undertones are so hip it's not even funny. It will go great with fall warm colors like burgundy and eggplant!! :) gotta hit up this Ulta. I still haven't been, but now I have a reason to keep my rewards card in my wallet in AR!

  2. I'm glad you like it, too!! I am LOVING that glitter is in right now~ never thought I'd be so attracted to it, but it's a fun way to fancy up, haha! Check out the Ulta in Fay~ way better than the one here! Even if I don't need anything I go in when I'm in town, lol.

  3. I'm also loving glitter! I just use a regular shade with a glitter topcoat because I don't want to buy more nailpolish :) I REALLY like Chic Peek though ... is it weird that I like the Ulta colors better than the O.P.I. ones?

  4. Haha Emily good money saving, haha!! Have you heard of Sally Hansen's "Hidden Treasure"? Here's a link:

    It'I can't find it anywhere, boo! =( -- but it's a really good glitter topper. Let me know if you see it, haha!

    Also, kind of related-- I think this new "cracking" polish is reall cool--
    Supposedly OPI is coming out with some in their new Katy Perry inspired colors!

    What are you using?! PS I wish we lived closer, haha!

  5. Hahaha just re-read this ---- no I was more excited about the Ulta ones, too!!!! Too funny.

  6. I'm using two coats of Orly's Shine On Crazy Diamond which is clear with holographic glitter, so it is not as awesome as these glittery nail polishes but it will have to do for now!

    I love the Sally Hansen, but it is selling on Ebay for like $18 or more!! Eek! I love the Katy Perry-inspired color Teenage Dream, it looks like a more pinky version of the Ulta After Party color you just posted! I might break down and get something from Ulta for Christmas :) Ooh and I like the cracked look but unfortunately I can't wear black on my fingernails very well ... are they going to come out with cracking polishes in other colors??

    Haha, if we lived closer I would be coming over and stealing all of your products all the time :P but would gladly share mine too! :D

  7. Ooooo I love that Orly one!! True story, I just went into Sally Hansen for the first time a few days ago~ I had never seen Orly in person before! Now I know =D
    I looked on eBay for the Sally Hansen, too! People are killin' me.. you'd like SH would notice and re-release it!!
    For the cracked I've only seen black, but surely they'll come out with more! Another brand has some~
    google image BYS crack nail polish, though I haven't found any non-salon ones yet excpet for OPI~ but I'll keep you posted!!
    I haven't looked closely at the Katy Perry shades, am doing that now!!!! (ps LOVE it!)
    AND OMG I AGREE-- though if we lived close I don't think we'd ever get ANYthing done, hahaha!!