Monday, November 15, 2010

Red: Part 1/4 -- Red Lips!

Hello all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'll tell you about mine tomorrow~ for now, I want to share some red lip colors for my lover reader Emily!!

Ok, so every girl needs red lipstick, right? Maybelline claims that their color "Red Revival" from the Color Sensational line is the "#1 Red" on the market right now. Let's take a look!

As you all know, I am a big fan of the Color Sensational line, so I was excited to try this shade! When I got this, they had a BYGO-free so I also got "Park Avenue Peach."

Park Avenue Peach and Red Revival

Bare lips:

Park Avenue Peach:

Red Revival:

Park Avenue Peach is a good peach shade, but I didn't fall in love with it.
Red Revival, on the other hand, is a GREAT blue-based red!! I would definitely recommend it, especially since it's on the deeper side of red instead of the normal fire-engine BRIGHT reds that are out there. Thumbs up!

The ONLY "ehh" I have with these colors it that, for some reason, the red ones seem like the formula isn't as creamy. It took just a little bit to get them on perfectly aka they didn't just 100% easily glide on. Odd! But that also gave them really spectacular staying power, so maybe that's it? I wonder if maybe mine were just messed up?? lol!

Approved! Great red, Maybelline!

What do you think, Emily?? Also, another good red is Revlon Red-- I have heard, at least ;)

Until next time~
--Beauty Maven


  1. I can't believe you did this before 8 a.m.! Haha you must be more of a morning person than I am :P

    The red looks great on you! I am hoping that because I'm a mix of Apache/Latina/White that maybe a blue-based red would look ok? I am pretty pale with olivey-yellow undertones haha it is so difficult to find a perfect shade! I think I might have Revlon Red by the way, I will tell you once I clean out my stash ... even if I do it is probably like 3 years old now :( I think this lipstick is worth trying out though! I just need like ONE perfect red! Thanks for reviewing!!

  2. Actually I had it last night and changed the post time lol~ didn't know what time you were up and wanted to make sure you could check it in the morn!! =D

    I think this is a pretty good universal red~ man I bet it is hard for you to find colors! I noticed in the Sunday ads that Walgreens has a BYGO-50% off for Maybelline* Annnnd Target $5.54, Wal-Mart $5.00

    I was just at Walgreen's and saw a shade by L'Oreal designed by Penelope Cruz~ made me think of you, haha! She has a lot of yellow in her skin, so this color might be nice.

    Might be worth checking out? Plus Walgreen's has a GREAT return policy~ they basically don't ask any questions, hahaha.

    And I would LOVE to see any shades you try, of anything! Send me piiiics!! =D

  3. Now I must go find a Walgreens and make friends with someone with a car! The bus I take everywhere doesn't pass a Walgreens, but I have to find one! That Penelope red looks fantastic!! I can afford to buy some and return the ones I don't want :) Haha I love return policies like that. As soon as I get any, I will be sure to take pictures! I only have a camera on my phone and a webcam so they will be crappy, but better than nothing!