Friday, November 19, 2010

Red: Part 4/4 -- Red eyes?! Again?? (NIGHT ELF!)


So I saved the best for last =)

*happy dance*

So um... if you're an avid reader in the beauty blogosphere, you'll know what I"m talking about, hehe.

Wet 'n Wild has some new little ColorIcon palettes for the holiday season, and one of the most coveted ones is called "Night Elf"~ the palettes retail for $4.99 and includes 6 shadows and 1 mini eyeliner.

Let's take a look!

**Warning!* Picture heavy post ahead!!**


(Forgot the eyeliner! It's black with little silver sparkles~)

Okay~ now I did this in 2 parts.
This is with the shades from the left side of the palette-- aka the "Tame" ones, lol.
Lightest shade on brow, medium on lid, darkest blended in crease~

This look is actually really nice!! I've gotten lots of compliments every day I've worn this~ it's quickly become my "everyday" look, hehe.

Okay! Now the CRAZY looks~ lots of pics because I just think it's fun, hahaha---

I just went with the look above and started adding colors....

+ Red:

+ Red with the darkest "Tame" shade in the crease:

With the black shade in the crease:

Black blended over red to subdue it a bit:

Sassy face (and black added to lower lashline):

Okay! So you can probably guess from all of the pictures that I LOVE this palette, haha!!

The shadows are really great quality-- they look cheap as crap but once you play with them they are quite nice-- velvety and richly pigmented. SO great!! And the eyeliner is good, too-- really stays put.

Go get 'em!! Fun weekend goal ;) There's a really gorgeous plum palette, too. That's what I'll be doing this weekend!! =D

What do you think? Like the palette? Think you'll get it? And tell me what you think of that RED!

Until next time~
--Beauty Maven


  1. I really like that palette!! The red is so much better than the other red that you posted the other day, I love it! Sorry I haven't been commenting, my internet is down and I'm actually at the library using their wireless :( I'm loving how often you're posting though!

  2. Hey! Isn't it a great palette?! I was so stoked to find it! One of these days/nights I'll be ballsy enough to wear the red out of the house, haha!
    All of your comments are soooo appreciated =) I love your feedback, since we're apparently cut from the same cloth, lol! ;)