Thursday, April 14, 2011

Technique Thursday-- Pin Curls!

Hello dolls!

The other morning I decided to try pin curls. I basically sectioned-off  1-1.5 chunks of hair, spritzed them with so refreshing spray to get them a little damp, and twisted them into a curl and bobby-pinned them.

It's easier to show with pictures. ;)

After I took them out~

After I took them out~

Front view-- and a silly "duck face"... can't believe I did that, haha..

After I pinned them, I ate breakfast and did my makeup, and then I hit them with the blow dryer and let them cool before taking the bobby pins out. They didn't quite come out like I had hoped, but I think 1. having them in longer and 2. starting with them damper/using more heat would make them come out like I had hoped.

Basically, I thought it might be a little something like this:

Here are some nice video tutorials of how to achieve the pin-curl look:

This is also a fun video for "The Notebook" inspired hair!:

I'll definitely be trying this again! =)
Have you ever tried pin curls? Have success? Any tips for me? Haha! 

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. You still got some pretty nice flipped ends!! Next time,you might try putting a small amount good gel or curl defining cream on your damp hair before pinning. (I love the look of all those curls pinned up!!!)

  2. Hey girl! Yeah it definitely added some nice volume, which I was grateful for, haha! I think the problem was it was slept on hair that I barely re-wetted before pinning~ I'm trying again with actually curling them with a curling iron first and then pinning them. We shall see!
    I love them all pinned-up, too! My mom said, "Oh that's almost pretty enough to wear out!" Haha!

  3. I also don't think I wound them tightly enough*

  4. You could try it on very damp (but not dripping hair), add a little gel, curl, pin, and SLEEP on it overnight!! Then hit it with the dryer in the morning before unpinning. Also spraying each curl when you take the pin out should help.
    Doesn't it make you feel like you're livin' in the 50's??