Friday, April 15, 2011

FOTD Friday-- Pink Eyes, but in a good way!

Happy Friday!!

Another week down, whoo! ;)

Well, lately I've been wanting to play with the whole pink eyeshadow trend, mentioned in this post, so last night I decided to go all-out before washing my face for the evening. By the way, that is the BEST time to try new things, because there's nothing to lose- you're just going to wash it off!

I used my Heidi Klum Exotic Jewels palette from a few seasons back~ the original review is here~ but here is a reminder picture:

I started out with just the pink shade and built from there:
Just pink alone~

Pink alone~ It oddly brings out the green, haha!

Pink with a little black in the crease and black liner

Pink applied wet, with more black in the crease and black liner- also, pink and black on lower


Look at how pretty the pink is! Electric!

Look from far away, just for good measure. ;)

Another close-up~


I added some purple in the crease, just for fun~

Another far away, to see how it is as a complete look~

So-- what do you all think? Pretty or a little too '80s? I am loving it! I will totally wear this for my next night on the town, haha!

I think the keys to wearing pink are:
1. Wearing it with intention! If it's too soft or subtle, it will just look like your eyes or irritated or infected.
2. Choosing a shade that fits you-- your skin tone and eye color. And to figure this out, go to someplace like Sephora or Ulta where you can get your hands on some shades and just play!
3. You HAVE to have eyeliner, preferably black. The contrast really makes your eyes pop.

Some suggestions for electric pink, if you so desire to try it-- and if you do, please send me a pic to @BeautyMaven8 on Twitter or!!

Essence shadow in Big Bang, $1.99 at Ulta:

Urban Decay's Roller Girl set-- eyeshadow palette with 4 shadows, liner, and a gloss~ $32 at Sephora:

Also! Make Up For Ever has a number to choose from, $19 each at Sephora.

Speaking of electric colors, let's have a quick shout-out to Lisa Frank, shall we?

And, of course, Lisa Frank inspired nails:
Check out her how-to video here!! So cool~ 
You like that Konad nail thing? Yeah... me too... ;)

I think that about covers it! Have a great weekend!! 

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. I just got a huge e.l.f pallete that has a fuschia color - I am going to have to try this!

    I love the Lisa Frank Nails!