Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tried-It Tuesday-- Konad's Stamping Nail Art System!!

Hey Lovelies!

I've been dying to write this post, just so you know. =) I hope you enjoy!

After seeing this video on YouTube about how to create "Lisa Frank Inspired Nails," (don't laugh, you know you want them!), I decided I couldn't hold back anymore and just HAD to try the Konad Nail Stamp she demonstrates at around 4:12.

Stamper, Polish, Stencil, and Scraper. 

By the way, I ordered the Leopard Print stencil and received this one... still waiting for the correct one to come in...

But in the meantime I really wanted to try it out! She explains how to use it really well in the video, but here's a quick step-by-step-- you have to do it pretty quickly:
1. Put paper towel down to wipe blade on after you wipe.
2. Paint nail color on the stencil.
3. Wipe excess off with blade, and wipe blade on towel.
4. Roll stamp onto design, and then onto nail.
5. Seal with a topcoat-- (Seche Vite doesn't smear it.)
6. Admire!


Polishes I used! =)

My striped "base coat"

After using the stamp~ 

After cleaning up the excess.. kind of..

Both feet!

I think the leopard would have produced the desired effect, but this isn't too bad, either! A bit '80s, but I'm digging the fun color, haha!

I will say that they say you "have to use" the special nail polish--- It DOES work best because it is so thick, and most polishes you have to use 2 coats, you know? But if you have a really thick polish somewhere or want a more subtle look, then have at it! It's fun to just play around with it. =)

I found mine on Amazon, which I could recommend because all of these items cost me around $13! Not bad~

What do you think? Curious about this? How do you feel about the nail art trend? Prefer simple nails? Or would you rather just stick to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, haha!

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

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