Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's New/Want It! Wednesday-- Eyeshadows and Palettes and Nail trends, Oh My!

Hey dolls!

Happy Wednesday! Maybe? I hope it's going well for you~

Get ready for your weekly dose of beautylicious lusting. Enjoy. =)

First up! Maybelline has a new Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette for their summer collection:
Those colors just SCREAM summer! I don't know how wearable they are, but I must get my hands on this, especially with Maybelline being 40% off at Walgreens this week!! (You're welcome.) 

While we're on the eyeshadow wavelength, let's take a look at MAC's new Packed to Go: 6 Cool Smokey Eye Shadows eye palette. This is only available via their website or in airports at the Duty Free shop.
I am in LOVE with all of these shades~ 

Ok! Now we have some cheap nail polishes, yaay!! I love basically all of the shades just released by Wet n Wild for their Limited Edition Mermaid's Cove collection--- check out all of the swatches here. I LOVE this shade, however!! 

Also! Sally Hansen is releasing new patters for their Salon Effects line!! Which one am I excited about? I'll show you! Pink Leopard. Duh.  
Last but not least, let's talk about a new nail trend amongst some celebrities-- the "Daggar Nail." 
Essentially they are just really long nails, tapered almost to a point at the end.
Blake Lively, with a new hair color!!, wore these to a recent event.

Personally I think they make her fingers look almost freakishly long!
 What do you think of this trend? And of her new hair color??? It's for a movie-- she will be blonde again after, I'm sure~

Leave me some thoughts!! What are you lusting over right now? 

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. you must try the last stain. I am not sure who it is by but I believe it can be found at Sephora.

    Love ya,

  2. I LOVED the Sally Hansen nail polish strips in leopard! I put them on my toes :) and they lasted 16 days!!!