Friday, May 6, 2011

Fancy Friday!!!! Cargo's Mediterranean Collection

Happy Friday!!

Ok so for Easter my mother woke me up with a basket of candy and a wrapped gift. I tore open the paper to reveal-- Ta Daaa!!-- Cargo's Mediterranean Collection!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned this on What's New/Want it! Wednesday here, and I guess she read it, haha!!

Let's check it out =)
(**DISCLAIMER-- Lipgloss was "lost" (in my purse) at time of pictures. Will post pics!!)

Contents: Blush, Eyeshadow duo, Lip gloss, Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara, and Swimmable Eyeliner.


Back of the make-up pouch~

The zipper pull is a dolphin instead of a bird~ 

Swatches-- eyeliner, eye duo, and blush~

Colors on --- notes the golden shimmer from the blush!

The eye shades are SO beautiful!

I adore this set!! THANKS MOM!!!! =D =D

All of these colors wear very well-- they are easy to apply and blendable, and really work well together. I am in LOVE with the eyeliner!! It's creamy yet really stays in place! The gold eyeshadow is almost a smidge on the allllmost glittery side, but there isn't much fall-out so it's manageable.

The Better-Than-Waterproof mascara is a sort of "Tube" mascara, and is easily removed with warm water and pressure. I actually had a little bit of a weep while wearing this, and I'm glad to say it did not budge! The only thing it, it's really not that volumizing OR lengthening... It's an ok mascara, but not one that I will repurchase.

What do you think? Are you a fan? Did you check out the previous cutesy set from Cargo, the Safari Kit (review here)?

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!
Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. I love this kit, too! I bought it at Ulta last week. First ever Cargo purchase. I am a very fair-skinned natural red-head. Normally, I wear peachy cheek and lip colors, but this blush and lipgloss looked really good on me. Word to the wise: just a touch of blush will do! The blush is very pigmented. I also noticed the lipgloss looks better if I put a neutral lipliner under it, like MAC's Spice. The gold eyeshadow was too dark for my skintone, but the brown was lovely. The eyeliner went on great - will likely buy a more wearable "swimmable" eyeliner shade, like black or brown. Overall, very happy with the kit! Allison J.