Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eyebrow Extensions?

Hi! =)

One of my magazines recently (I think "Shape"?) talked about the new trend: Eyebrow Extensions.

Um, Say what?

Let's investigate a little bit more, shall we?

After some googling, I found a spa in NY that offers "Semi-Permanent Eye Brow extensions ($385), individual
human hairs that are meticulously attached to your real ones with surgical-grade superglue." The results last 14 days.

So, they're like false lashes but for brows.?

I blame Megan Fox!
(Who BY THE WAY is lucky enough to be able to fill hers in since they're so dark. Oh? Don't believe me? Look at the brow on the left! Uh oh...)

Anyway! The whole idea with brow extensions is to look more youthful. Which is the purpose of all this "fix" stuff, right? Plumper lips, thicker and longer hair, firmer skin, etc. Blah blah. Personally the whole fear of aging disgusts me. And is there such a stigma with men aging? Think about it..

So apparently having fuller brows makes you look more youthful? Not sure how I feel about all of this, haha!

To me this is along the same lines as women who would wear false lashes on a daily basis. (Do you knot anyone who does? Cause I don't.) Just seems like too much effort and money to only
slightly alter your already beautiful self!

I don't know though-- what do you think of this idea? Would you be interested in trying it? What do you think of this whole eyebrow obsession?

Until next time~
Beauty Maven


  1. Brow extensions are weird to me - what is the plucking and waxing for if know we want full brows??

  2. Terrica- For people like myself who have child-hood scars/damaged hair follicles, but otherwise, thick, naturally well-shaped brows. I loathe the look of pencil, but am stuck with it until some other miracle comes along at a more affordable price. Otherwise, I'd be among the first on the extension band wagon!