Friday, January 29, 2010

Heidi Klum's Exotic Jewels for Victoria's Secret

Hello there!

Well I finally found a place to get some internet, and I just couldn't keep myself from making a new post. =)

A few days ago I finally tried out my Heidi Klum for VS eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner, and I wanted to share a few things with you~

Inspired by her recent trip to India, this collection features: "Rich and glamorous lips. Seductive, smoky eyes. Featuring the limited edition Exotic Jewels collection by Heidi Klum. A Victoria's Secret Exclusive."

First of all though, some pictures!

Here is a picture of Heidi from the advertising for this line:

Here is the eyeshadow compact-- so pretty!!

And the eyeshadows:

The eyeliner:

And the colors on:

Quite lovely!!

I am a HUGE Heidi Klum fan, so when I saw that she had come out with another color palette for the Holidays I couldn't help myself but pick up this eyeshadow!! Once I got home and started to play with it, however, I was a little bit turned off by the bright colors. I tried it once for a night out but honestly haven't touched it much since. The other day when I was "editing" my caboodle, I came across this and decided to give it another chance. Here's what came of that:

See how my green stands out more? Yay! But I was surprisingly subconcious about wearing such a bold color on my eyes! I wore it the rest of the day, but I mostly just went shopping, and no one made a comment about it (which is good?) haha. I'll be excited to try this when I see people I know to see what they think!

Here is a closer picture-- you can't see the gorgeous color as much in the other picture:


What colors of eyeshadow do you wear on a normal basis? Are you a routine gal or does it change based on your mood? Or do you just play every morning? Or do you not wear eyeshadow unless it is a special occasion? Leave me some feedback!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey there! So, apologies, but no reviews for Thursday and Friday. My
Internet is being moody and there is a chance of losing power! Boo.

But I promise next week will make up for it!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello! Apologies for the late post-- the internet at my place decided it wants to stop working for a bit.

So up for review today is Stila's classic eyeshadow Kitten. Heard of it? Sure you have! Kitten is one of those shades that has a cult following- just ask :) And rightfully so!! I am in love with Stila's shadows because they are both densely pigmented and easy to apply and blend. Gotta love it! And Kitten is just such a gorgeous universal shade~ a peachy champagne. Sooo lovely :):)

Here are some pictures of it:

And here it is on-- it's the only color I have on:

See!! So incredibly pretty! And it can be used on a number of skin tones, from Halle Berry to Blake Lively!

It is a little pricey-- $18 for shadow and $2 for the pan compact-- but it does last a long time! Just a tip: for heaven's sake don't drop it! Cause it breaks apart easily :(

Otherwise, I LOVE it!!

What do you think? Do you own this popular shade? Want to? Are you "smitten with Kitten"? Or do you have something that competes with it? Let me know!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Eye Shadow Quad

Hello there!

Today I’m taking a look at Maybelline’s new Eye Studio Color Plush Eyeshadow Quad.

“Richest color, smoothest feel, now silk makes shadow new again. Our exclusive formula with silk pigments creates the ultimate shadow texture and luminosity.” This quad is $9.49 at Walgreen’s. The shade I selected is Taupe Temptress.

Let’s take a look at this shadow before it’s even on:

Left to right: the light is a very snowy shade, then there is pink, gray, and then a purplish color. The white is basically just glitter, the pink hardly shows up, the silver is actually quite nice, and the purplish is actually almost black! Misleading.. I don’t approve.

On, these look different =(

Here are pictures of me with it on~

So yeah. Do you see any pink or silver or anything really at all? Or the shimmery white “V” in the inner corner? Cause I don’t. If I seem upset it’s because I am—I figured this shadow was competing with L’Oreal’s HIP line, and these shades have hardly any pigment, they don’t have any staying power, and they were hard to blend. Gross.

Other shades might do alright? But the one that I purchased is going to be immediately returned. Bad job, Maybelline. Their attempt at a “highly pigmented shadow” resulted in a super glittery, sheer, fading-after-a-few-hours product.

Is this just me? Has anyone else out there tried this? I really would like some feedback on this~

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend~

I enjoyed "Review Week" so much I decided to keep going! This week I have some new eyeshadows for you!

Today I'm taking a look at the Revlon Matte eyeshadow collection. Not necessarily brand new, but matte eyeshadows are popping up in the beauty scene.

Here are the two shadows that I have --
Rich Sable and Vintage Lace. (What lovely names!!)

Let me tell you about how I came about owning these two shades. The lighter shade is the boring story-- I wanted to find a nice cream, non-sparkly shadow to use on the brow bone so that my shimmery colors would stand out more. The end! But the darker shade I purchased because I had a pirate costume that I wanted to try and make my face look tanner and dirtier. My idea for dirt? Matte brown eyeshadow! Well, then I decided to play with it according to its real purpose, and was surprised to find that I -actually liked- matte shadow! Weeiiiirrd.... I mean, I am all about some shimmer. But I now know that matte has it's place as well!

Let's take a look~

Here it is on-- Vintage Lace on brow bone, Rich Sable from lash to crease. No eyeliner* But smudged the shadow into the lower lash line.

In this picture I dipped my damp angle brush in the sable color to make eyeliner~

It's actually a really gorgeous, natural looking combination. I might have to try this more often! Funny how some items tend to be forgotten, with no good reason.. hmm.. Poor eyeshadow, haha!

Let me add this-- I believe that these matte colors are how celebrities like Kiera Knightly get that smudged/slept-in eye look.


I found that the matte eyeshadow, though obviously not having any shimmer, was still very luminous. Also, as you see in the first picture of me trying it, since there isn't any shimmer in the color the focus is more on my eyes -- they look so green! This is all verrry interesting to me.. The matte shadow provides the definition and emphasis without competing. Nice!

If I were you I would definitely experiment with some matte colors--- it's fun to see just how different they look than shimmery ones! And these have a very nice, buildable and blendable consistency that is definitely worth the $4.99 price tag!!

This makes me want to try the blush... and lipstick... haha!!

What do you think? Have you tried any matte shades? Do you prefer them? Hate them? Leave me some feedback!

Also--- leave me a comment with anything you'd like me to reveiw/discuss. I'd be more than willing!!

Until next time~
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