Friday, November 26, 2010

The POSH eye!

Happy Friday!

Hoped you're not too overly stuffed!... Wait, I hope you really ARE, because yesterday is one of the few days you don't have to feel bad for eating entirely too much!! ;)

Ok, so as I promised... the Ultra Smoky Eye... o0o0o0o.

Backstory: when I purchased Victoria Beckham's book "That Extra Half An Inch," I instantly developed a girl crush on her, and her uber-fab
smoky eye.

I mean... omg, wow. To me, this is the Holy Grail of smoky eyes.

So here is my attempt!!

Without flash to show the "wing."

The trick to getting this look is 1. Using a matte shadow (this one wasn't a true matte) and 2. Making sure you really make sure the shadow is DARK at the lashline~ I actually put a thick line of liquid liner with shadow on top. Also, you have to "wing" the shadow out, which can kind of make you uncomfortable if you're not used to it, haha! Just think of making a line from the natural line of your bottom lashline to the end of your eyebrow. Remember to *blend*!! You can actually use a clean shadow brush to blend it in really well~

I used a true black shadow and it still didn't seem dark enough! It's a drugstore brand, so I suppose it simply didn't have enough pigmentation without being wet first. Unfortunately, I was just playing around with my make-up, which I typically do before I shower in case it's a big flop ;), so I didn't get to wear this anywhere. I think this will be my New Year's look though, with more shimmer in the inner corner. What do you think?

I want to hear about your smoky eyes!! And your Thanksgiving! What's your favorite part??

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Green eyes to go with Green nails!

Dug this one up in my drawer when I had my big clean-out, decided it was time for it to get some attention!

Maybelline Expert Wear in Emerald Smokes, $5.99 at Walgreens

I had hoped this would really bring out my green eyes. Did it?? Let's see!

Well.. I mean, the shadow is green.. but I think a purple would bring out the color more than just matching colors. Also, the green lends toward the yellow side, which just reminds me of an old bruise, haha!

The only qualm I have with these Maybelline quads is that the color pay-off just isn't as much as I expect.. every time!! Siiigh. And if there's any glitter than it's even more disappointing. But for a drugstore shadow they do hold their own! =)

Also, is it just me, or does 4 eyeshadows seem like a bit much to do a smoky eye? I normally do two (blend at the crease) or 3, max. Just seems odd to me. =\

The Stylish Smokes line comes in 4 quads: Amethyst, Neutral, Charcoal, and Emerald.

Think you might try these? How are you at doing the ol' Smoky Eye?? I'll show you my attempt at a major smoky eye tomorrow..

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's proof!

Since you have all of those fun links to explore, I wanted to take a moment to really showcase what make-up can do for YOU!

I know I might seem like a Beauty Diva, but here is PROOF that make-up really brings out your best features, even if you're a celebrity!

Sorry Jessica, but I'm glad we have this comparison:

True, the lighting is a smidge different, (you can tell by how the light reflects in her eyes), but let's analyze the pic on the left:
- Her cheeks are more contoured, which make them look fuller and healthier.
- She has a more defined eye which makes them look bigger and more awake.
- Her brows are filled-in thus helping to balance the face and bring out her eyes.

Her hair is a big difference, too, but even with the variances in make-up, she looks flat-out younger and healthier in the picture on the left.

See it?

I know I'm not crazy. ;)

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nails! Links! And Forever 21 Love & Beauty Polish


So this is a little bit random because I just worked out and my brain is all supa-charged!

First of all, I noticed last week just how much more polished my nails look when I have a nice cream color on them~

Secondly, I mentioned this brand of polish here, but I want to point out that this is the BEST for a neutral shade~ it covers very well in just ONE coat, is chip-resistant, and dries quickly! Also, the brush is outstanding because it covers the entire nail in one sweep. It's flat and fans out nicely~ how awesome is that!?

But it made me wonder if you all wear polish for special occasions, depending on your mood, all the time, etc.? Leave me some comments, I'm really curious to know!

Thirdly, while at Forever 21 in the check-out line, I noticed some nail polishes from their new Love and Beauty line for $2.50 and decided to give one a go. The shade I chose is called "Jade."

One coat:

Two coats:

Isn't that amazing coverage for just 1 coat?? I was really impressed because I thought it would be thin and I'd have to do at least 3 coats to get a decent color. It actually reminds me of Revlon polishes~ the brush is the same and it has a nice even, shiny finish. Good job, Forever 21!! And it's a nice Christmas-y green, which makes me smile!! =D

Also, I wanted to share links to the blogs I love since you might have some free time to explore this week. =)

Makeup and Beauty Blog
Karen is SO GREAT with her reviews~ she's a big-time blogger so she gets the products a lot of times before they're out to the public. She has multiple posts a day and is basically everything I want to be in life, haha!

Musings of a Muse
"The Muse" also has multiple posts a day and has great reviews~ where she shines is her product swatches. Such a great site!

Clumps of Mascara

"B" has a new mascara every Monday, and she knows her stuff!

Nouveau Cheap
She reviews a lot of drugstore brands and nail polishes, and also puts up drugstore sales at the beginning of each week. Bookmark her!!

All Lacquered Up
Swatches of SO MANY nail polishes! A polish girls heaven!!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Monday, November 22, 2010


A little birdie told me you won a contest?!

Details, missy!! =D

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

Happy Monday/Thanksgiving week/Short week!!

Under review for today is L'Oreal's newest in the Voluminous line~ Million Lashes mascara, $8.99 at Walgreen's.

What it claims:
L'Oreal introduces New Voluminous¤ Million Lashes™ mascara, our most revolutionary collagen-infused formula and Millionizer Brush for amplified volume and definition.
Our No Clump Formula :
This luxurious, buildable formula amplifies each lash instantly. Glides on smoothly, and lasts all day, while thickening and separating every lash for clump-free flake-free, smudge-free look.
Our Millionizer Brush :
Uniquely designed to amplify and separate lashes from corner to corner while building breathtaking volume.
Our Clean Sweep Wiping System :
This built-in wiper ensures that just the right amount of formula is deposited on the brush for ultra-volumized, defined lashes.

WHOA. Ok, so this is going to be the BEST mascara yet, huh?



Let's take a look!!

Bare lashes:

With Million Lashes mascara:

Eewww it got on my lid =( Clean up!

With two coats:
(Bad idea with these molded brushes, but I thought hey, maybe it'll be more volumizing?)

Ok so let me start by saying, I HATE THIS MASCARA.

Reviewed based on what it claims:
No Clump Formula: You know, I'm not so sure it's the formula as much as the molded brush that helps with no clumping~ though, the formula is quite thin. Also~ I mean, it's not necessarily "clumpy," but doesn't something about my lashes just look... off?
Millionizer Brush: This brush is ok.. as before, it helps with no clumping, but I don't feel it really "grabbing" my lashes, and also it hits my lid and leaves marks. Meh.
Clean sweep wiper system: Okay- now THIS is the best part of the mascara! =) It wipes the brush to leave it with the perfect amount of mascara on the wand. Ee! I wish they would put this wiper on the original Voluminous~ then we might have perfection. ;)

Basically the formula is just too thin. It lengthens alright, but is quite disappointing in the volume department. Hrm. =\ Oh... and it smells weird, lol.. and the packaging is cheap.

If you're a fan of the original Voluminous, this will fall short. A lot of times I will say "Hey, if you find it on sale it's worth a shot if you're curious," but not for this one~ it's really a big waste of money.

Fail, L'Oreal.

Have you tried it? Want to? What mascara are you diggin' right now??

And some happiness, cause I hate to leave on a bad note!
I found some super fun sparkly shoes, and OPI's Sparkle-icious matches PERFECT! Hehe.

Until next time--
~Beauty maven