Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Challenge!

Hello Lovelies!

This weekend I have a challenge for you: Find a great bright lipstick.. and Wear it!

This has been a big trend for Spring/Summer with Oranges, Pinks and Corals. Example:

Alexis Bledel with hot pink lips~ look how they compliment her eyes!
Michelle Williams in a "safer" orange lip.
Mandy Moore's orange lippy from the Oscars.
Even quintessential neutral gal Rachel Bilson loves the bright lip!
And my go with hot pink, haha!

For Orange lips, check out this link to Sephora's "Spring Trends" feature.
Here are some great BRIGHT colors!:

Basically anything from Lancome's La Laque Fever, especially Electric Pink:
MAC and Marcel Wanders lip gloss in Aleydis:

Revlon ColorBurst lipgloss in Strawberry, not $4.99 at Walgreens

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Peony, 40% off at Walgreens til Sunday!

I really find that having a bright lip color just livens up your entire face-- they're just too fun!

Send me pics of you and your hot lips to!!
Have a great weekend!! Remember to smile =)

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ready for my Close-up!! Make Up For Ever-- HD Line

Hello all!

This weekend I had a fun trip to Sephora, with the MOST helpful sales associate EVER!! I was in there for about an hour, and she just kept helping me pick colors and hooked me up with some samples. Nice!

With the addition of these samples, I had in my hands the ability to create the base an entire HD face. =D

Intro to the products (P.S. -- "MUFE" = Make Up For Ever):

MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer, $32 at Sephora.
What it claims: A lighweight, oil-free complexion corrector that enhances the skin's texture and primes the skin for makeup application. It deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. Creates a protective layer on the skin allowing foundation to glide on easily and last longer. 

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation, $40 at Sephora.
What it claims: An oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on screen and in real life. This foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting. 

MUFE HD Microfinish Powder, $30 at Sephora.
What it claims: A universal translucent finishing powder which can be applied over foundation or worn alone. The powder sets the foundation and slightly mattifies skin without changing its natural contours. This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections. Completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look. One universal shade for all skin tones. 

Let's check out some before and after pics~ which are HUGE so you can see the product:

Primer alone~


Close-up of foundation, no powder. (Sorry for the weird expression, haha)

With finishing powder~

Close-up of primer + foundation + finishing powder~

Face at the end of the day-- no touch-ups and 12 hours of wear!

In a nutshell-- My face stayed pretty much flawless all day!!


Primer: Light and absorbs quickly. Feels like a lightweight lotion. Has a nice smell! Also, does not contain silicone and thus will not cover major imperfections, like pores, scars, fine lines, etc. This is my only complaint because my pores are on the larger side, but otherwise this primer did indeed help my makeup last all day!

Foundation: The coverage is very nice-- blends easily, and builds nicely. Maybe I'm just not used to wearing full foundation, but it didn't look as natural as I had hoped. It photographed like a gem, though! If you have a big event coming up, I would definitely go get your hands on a sample of this. ;)

Powder: This powder stays put all friggin' day. It really is a great finishing powder, and totally worth the money. Be sure to use a light hand if you might have a picture taken, and take a picture first to make sure you don't have this happen. Eek!

Up close, my skin wasn't as flawless as one would expect from some Super-Hi-Def products. But even as close as a foot away from the mirror I looked like I have Ginnifer Goodwin's skin. (One can hope, right?) Supposedly this is the foundation they used for SATC2 on Charlotte, in particular-- since she has to be flawless!-- but I have to admit that there are probably drugstore products that would work as well, if not better, than the foundation. I'll get back to you on that one. ;) However, the finishing powder is definitely worth it~ Gets my thumbs-up!

What do you think? What foundation are you using? Powder? Or do you use either? I'm curious about primers, too!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deals at Walgreens!!

Hello lovelies!

I have something to get you through this humpday--

I just not now got around to reading the Sunday ads and was surprised with the deals at Walgreens!!

L'Oreal Cosmetics-- BOGO-50% off
L'Oreal Skin Care or Sublime Bronze-- 25% off
Cover Girl- BOGO--50% off
Maybelline-- 40% off
Revlon-- $3 off, excludes ColorBurst

Pond's-- BOGO-Free!
Organix (check out the Moroccan line!)-- BOGO-50% off
Aveeno Shampoo or Conditioner and Body wash-- 2/$10

Guess where I'm going today!! =)
I'm contemplating CoverGirl's new  NatureLuxe foundation, or the Maybelline FIT me line. Hmmm....

Let me know if you haul anything!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A $4 dupe for a Chanel polish!?


I was perusing the aisles at Wal-Mart the other day and came across a possible dupe for Chanel's new Riva polish.


Chanel Riva-- $25

2 coats-- check out the shimmer!

3 coats~

Chanel's on, courtesy of

A close dupe and for only $4 at Wal-Mart! The Chanel version has a bit more green in it~ I'm tempted to try to mix my own, haha!!

It's almost a little '90s, but I think once summer hits I won't feel as odd wearing it! =P

What do you think?

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mascara Monday-- YSL Mascara Singulier


This weekend I got to go play at Sephora and let me tell you, I MISS having a Sephora so close!! The one in JCPenney just isn't the same... siiigh. I definitely spent about an hour just flitting around the store. Good times!

I have read some amazing reviews for YSL's Mascara Singulier, (like the review here), so I decided to give it a shot. Who doesn't love a super-fab mascara?

What it claims--- Well this one comes with a little baby pamphlet, so I will try to paraphrase:
A daring new interpretation of beautiful eyes. Glamorous volume, bold length, voluptuous curl and dramatic styling: Mascara Singulier dares to do everything. At the heart of this long-lasting formula, the "Modelling Stretch Complex" sculpts the lashes in three dimensions: Volumizing micro-spheres, Miscro-fibres to extend the lashes, and a High Performance curling wax.
A unique innovation by YSL, the mascara brush combines the technology of a traditional brush with the structure of a molded brush to increase the performance of the formula. 

Um, will it walk the dog and do my homework, too?

Let's check out this "unique" brush:

The brush was very interesting-- part of the reason I had to try it! Why don't companies make the little trial wands with the actual brush? Maybe for suckas like me. Hmm..

So how did it do?

Bare Lashes

Bare Lashes

With Mascara

With Mascara

Up to show length


I have to admit. I drastically dislike like mascara.

Be warned, it is a fragranced mascara. It actually smells quite nice, not chemically, and it didn't bother my eyes-- but if your eyes are sensitive then this will not work for you.

The formula is a tad on the thick side, which might work nice with a different wand, but this combination is a no-go. The formula also dries out like nobody's business! By the end of the day, my eyes were almost itchy from the crunchy mascara. Bleh! (Though, it didn't flake. Odd.)

I don't know if you guessed this already or not, but in the next couple of days I am marching myself back to Sephora and returning this. It's probably the biggest mascara disappointment I have experienced.

In a flash~
Don't buy it!!!!

Have you had any major product flops?? Tell me about them!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven