Monday, October 25, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains-- Vainglorious!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I have to admit, this review is a bit dated since Vainglorious is no longer available on MAC's website. =( For similar shades, I'd check out "Sketch" or "Cranberry."

However! I wanted to show the wonderful Muse of some swatches of this beautiful color!

(Check out her post on Wet 'n Wild's new Holiday Palette to see where this all started~)

This is the "official" picture of the shade, Vainglorious:

This shade is described as a "Bronze Burgundy."

Here are some pics:

Just shadow and mascara-- I don't know where that creasing action came from =\

Another, now with eyeliner, shows more of the burgundy tones.

I feel like it really compliments green!
It doesn't go on too intense, but it has enough red in it to be interesting~

This shadow came up because her review (linked above) contains a red shadow, and I noted that Vainglorious is the reddest I have dared to go, although red shadow has intrigued me for a while~ (it really can be quite stunning! check out the Muse's pic!). Also, I've noticed that with my green eyes that the more pinkish/warmer purples make my eyes pop better than the blueish/cooler ones.

I'm dying to try this shade (or something similar)-- ah! =D

True story: I was playing with a reddish NYX eyeshadow at Ulta and the woman told me, "That shadow wouldn't work in real life." Um, what? I mean, maybe she's right, but then help me find a way to wear it, since I was obviously intrigued, haha! I might just have to go try it again... hmm..

Though.. I am hoooooping to get my hands on the new Wet n' Wild palette!! Fingers crossed!! It's gorgeous, and affordable!! ;)

Hope you all have a nice week, and I will try to post more often-- I have a picture folder all ready to go! ;)

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven