Thursday, May 27, 2010

To the Beach!!!!


Well, this morning I drug myself out of bed (after going to see Sex and the City 2 last night!!!!) to head to the MAC counter to play with the To the Beach collection. Yaaay!!!!

First of all, let me say this: If you are interested in purchasing anything from this collection, GO NOW. This varies by location, obviously, but the lady at my local counter told me that they only received a few of each product... for example, the seahorse compact-- they only got in 6! SIX! And when I got there, at 10:30 am, they had already sold one. So now, they only have 4 left. Geez! But a few items were like that, so just be aware. The website has been selling out, too.

Anyhow! Here are some pictures of what I hauled! =)

In their boxes:

Powder Bronzer: Get-Away Bronze (mid-tone suntan)
High-Light Powder: Marine Life (MY FAVE)
Eyeliner: Rosemary and Thyme (Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer)
Lipstick: Thrills (Rosy copper with gold pearl)

Out of the boxes: Check out the adorable packaging!!!!!

Opened up:

Here is how large the Marine Life compact is:

I had originally thought I would pass on the Marine Life high-light, but when I played with it at the counter is was just too beautiful! The only thing is, the pretty gold on top? It wipes away when you use it =( But there is gold shimmer throughout.. you just lose the cute seahorse. Aww.

Reviews to come!! =)

Until next time~
Beauty Maven

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's already May 26th?!

Which means..... SEX AND THE CITY 2 MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, yes, I AM excited.

Oh! And yes--- I DID go shopping with my very dear friend last night and purchase some new shoes for tonight! =)

Who do you think they channel of the foursome? has some fun features about SATC:
-- Carrie's most Iconic outfits
-- Style secrets from the set
-- And quiz! Who's your SATC twin?

Here's another interesting article:
-- Guess how much the wardrobe cost... Eek!

Are you a fan of the series/movies? Going tonight? Anytime soon? Swear off it? Let me know what you think!!

Until next time~
Beauty Maven

*Reminder!* Tomorrow MAC's summer collection, To The Beach, hits stores!! You better believe I'll be there before noon ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blackheads, cont.


Happy Tuesday!~

So, I experimented a smidge with some anti-blackhead tools this weekend~ Sorry, no pictures.. not quite sure how to document that, haha!

First off, my buddy who came to visit left her Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub in my shower, so I decided to try it. I waited until the end of my shower so that the "debris" would be all softened up, (gah, that sounds gross), and scrubbed AWAY at my nose. I certainly felt cleaner, but once I inspected my face in the mirror, I noticed my nose still had those pesky dark spots on it. *Sigh*

I bought one of those extractors a while back, (at the suggestion of the same friend!), to the likes of this one, and pulled it out this weekend, too. It didn't do a dang thing to my nose!! I had another buddy who would simply 'push' the build-up out, almost like popping a zit. Tried that... only worked on about 3 and left my nose red. I'm so frustrated, because I've tried most things, like Biore's pore strips (which worked on my boyfriend, not fair!!), and noooothing will woooork!!

However! I must say, that I had a little blackhead on my cheek from working out but not washing my face before... bad me... and the little tool worked! What the?! Whatever...

So the search continues!

Fun Tidbit: I took a "What's your make-up brand?" quiz today on it says I should be wearing Chanel. Ha! Ok-- 1. Beauty Riot, would you like to buy it for me? and 2. When my make-up is Chanel, I'll know I've arrived. =) Good job, quiz, for knowing my inner desires.

Hope you're having a great start to the week!

Until next time~
Beauty Maven

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hello there! Happy Monday~

I had an interesting experience today that I would like to share~

Last night, before heading to bed, (and after a long day at the pool!!), I put my hair in crazy bun on top of my head. When I awoke, I didn't really feel like getting ready.. just one of those days.

So I washed my face, put in some dry shampoo, and started making myself presentable. Well, since I'd slept with my hair basically on TOP of my head, I had this awkward crease and couldn't really wear it any other way without having to wash/dry it. Eh. So I went with it! This is what I created:

(pics from my iPhone.. I didn't expect this to become a post, haha!)

Front- pretty basic... some volume *yay dry shampoo!*


Side, blurry-- but you can see the size/shape of the bun:

I literally got 4 compliments on it today! How funny... something I did that was a "let's make due" move was so appealing! I'll have to keep this in mind... I kind of felt like Whitney Port all day. ;)

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven