Friday, July 23, 2010

At-Home Beauty! (Again)


So today before applying some self-tanner, I decided I needed to really scrub off all of my old stuff. Now, I've never been one for having exfoliating products on hand (I just use an old hand towel), but I needed something with some real grit.

I recently purchased some Bodacious Bath Oil from Bath Junkie (which is a product I 1--% recommend, and it is SUCH a cool store!!!!) and decided to mix some of that with some granulated sugar. Yes, I grabbed a 1/2 cup, scooped out some sugar from the container, and perched it up in my shower, haha! I grabbed a little fistful, put a few drops of oil, and scrubbed away.

Oh my goodness- it worked FANTASTICALLY!! My skin has never been smoother! Ah!

That little 1/2 cup might have a permanent home in my shower, lol!
(Only, of course, if I haven't applied self-tanner recently ;) )

Sorry there aren't any pics for this post! But just trust me-- you HAVE to try the sugar trick. Especially now when everyone's skin is so dried out from the summer heat. Mmm.. Magnificent =)

Have you tried this before? Have a favorite scrub you'd like to recommend? Do share!

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

Thursday, July 22, 2010

At-Home Beauty!

I have a fun story to tell.

So my lovely co-worker (the same one who was nice enough to let me borrow her Clinique mascara!), sent me a text message a few weeks back about how she was going to try doing a Mayonnaise mask on her hair to help with some dead ends, and she thought I might want to do a post on it. Heck yes! I love it!!

So I get to her apartment and she has a jar of Kraft Mayonnaise and some towels ready. (And Pretty Little Liars playing on the tv-- I'm so hooked on that show..)

The idea is that Mayo has a lot of hydrating/oily ingredients that will help out thirsty hair.
Let's check this out:

Soybean Oil, Water, Eggs, Vinegar, Contains less than 2% of Egg Yolks, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Salt, Sugar, Dried Onion, Dried Garlic, Paprika, Natural Flavor, Calcium Disodium Edta As A Preservative.

Well, no doubt Soybean Oil is good, as are water and eggs-- but the vinegar and salt/sugar etc. aren't the best.

Here is a picture of my with the super hair mask!

She put the towels in the dryer while we were applying so then we could wrap up our hair and let the heat help the mayo really penetrate the hair. After 10 minutes we rinsed our hair--- which smelled gross =\ -- and it was a little softer... but I think I'd call it greasy instead of "soft," haha! And once you used shampoo it was all gone.

If I were you, I'd steer away from Mayo as a hair mask, lol. A good at-home concoction is simply using Olive Oil, in the same way we did this (with the warm towel). I honestly have not tried Olive Oil, but in theory it is better than this because you have only 1 ingredient, and it's a non-greasy oil.

If you have tried either of these, (or have heard stories), please let me know! =)

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guest Post: Curly Hair!

Hello all!

Well I have my Lasix TOMORROW, ahhh!! So I thought I'd put up a post or two since 1. I can't use a computer for a few days (I think?) and 2. Well, I haven't posted in a while, and I have a lot of my list!

Today I want to share some nifty curly-hair tips that I received from my beautiful friend. I am always anxious to hear about other types of hair since well, I don't have it, haha!

(G- feel free to correct anything I put on here!)

Her problem is activating the curl, and creating volume without frizz.
Here is her step-by-step plan of action:
- Straight out of the shower, she brushes it with a flat paddle brush, parts it, and clips it up in a bun.
- Once the roots are dry, with the clipped-up ends still being damp, she puts in the following products:
- Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse & Leave-in Conditioner
- Aussie Catch the Wave Scrunch Hairspray
- Big Hair Texturizing Salt Spray
(All of which can be found at Walgreen's, but not on grr.)

And then blow dry the rest of the way with a diffuser.

The kicker is: by smoothing out the roots first, they dry while being pulled so that eliminates frizz at the roots.

Here is a pic of the finished product! She is on the left* just in case you need to know. =)
(and an homage to my long hair... siiigh.)

And here she is kissin' on her boy, but her hair looks FAB so I had to share =)

Beautiful! =)

Anybody else have any tips to offer?

I've been reading that for curly/wavy hair, another key is to add as much moisture yourself-- conditioner, leave-in cream, serums, etc. -- because curly/wavy hair is more porous than straight hair, and it frizzes out because it absorbs the moisture in the air... so if it's very moisturized when you walk out the door, then less frizz occurs. Interesting!

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven