Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's New!

Hello there!!

I haven't had a "What's New" post in a while, which is odd because I have so much fun doing the research for it! =)

Just an FYI-- posts will be a little sporadic for awhile, but I'll do my best to be present.

First up!

Bare Escentuals High Shine Eyecolor, $16 at Sephora.
What it is: 
A vibrantly colored shadow that imparts a mega-watt sheen. The velvety-smooth formula glides on effortlessly for an extra creamy, opaque, foiled effect. A convenient, quick-draw wand allows for easy, on-the-go application. 

These babies come in 12 different colors and all are so incredibly pigmented and shiney!!  I played with them at Ulta, and that's what I have on in this picture:

Bumble and bumble's Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme, $26 at Sephora and salons. 
What it is:
This product gives hair a hint of grit, some extra lift, and a tousled, shine-free finish. Its dry moisture finish leaves hair matte but not parched. It's made to mess with perfection and craft one-of-a-kind, freehand looks. 

Please just check out this ad:
Hair envy. 

Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips, $15 at Sephora
What they are:
Each adhesive strip attracts pore-clogging dirt and oil. Its full-contact delivery system applies charcoal powder, an ingredient that draws out impurities and detoxifies the skin. Silica, a natural mineral, controls excess oil while witch hazel extract, a natural astringent, tightens pores. Effective yet gentle, additional botanical ingredients provide a soothing and cooling sensation upon adhesion. Skin is left exceptionally clarified. 

I'm telling you-- whoever does the descriptions for Boscia seriously needs a raise-- every time I read the product description I immediately want to go buy it! I might really have to try these.. hmm..

Mary Kay's new Lash Love Mascara, $15 from an Independent Consultant or MaryKay.com
What it is:
Four times the volume without looking overdone. Flexible sculpted brush separates and coats even hard-to-reach lashes so volume looks instantly magnified with no clumps in sight. Lashes appear fuller, lifted, and multiplied, while looking naturally flawless, soft and healthy. Exclusive Mary Kay Panthenol-Pro Complex and vitamin E help moisturize, strengthen and condition lashes, defending them against breakage and brittleness.  

I take it this is a "tube mascara"-- I ordered it, can't wait to try it!

And! My favorite person Heidi Klum is coming out with a fragrance!!!!!

Shine by Heidi Klum, $17-$35, not released as of 6/21/11.

The oriental scent will include notes of pear, pink peppercorn, and mandarin at the top; mimosa absolute sunflower, and lily of the valley at the middle; and Venezuelan tonka bean, vanilla, and musk cosmone at the drydown. 


Anything here catching your eye?? Tried any of these yet? Leave me some feedback!! =)

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mascara Monday-- Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara

Hello Lovelies!!

If you've read my recent posts, you know that I recently re-discovered Mary Kay cosmetics. I've been using them for a few weeks now, and have a lot of thoughts and pictures to share with you!

Since I love mascara so so much, I decided that their Ultimate Mascara was a great place to start. Let's begin!

Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara in black, $15 from any Independent Consultant or MaryKay.com.

What it Claims:
Turns up the wow with up to fives times the volume. Take your lashes from simple to simply sensational with Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, the most superthickening, superstar mascara from Mary Kay ever! This exclusive, all-in-one formula delivers the benefits you love most-- long, thick, voluminous-looking lashes that last all day. You get the exact amount of mascara you need for maximum plumping -- without the clumping.

Let's take a look!

Mascara tube~


Brush, close-up. 

Two coats~

Mascara applied on left, bare lashes on right~

Ooh la la!

Complete look~

I absolutely love this mascara!! It's great for day and night looks -- it layers well, so simply add another coat for evening. My favorite part is how fluttery my lashes look!! Dramatic without being spidery. 

The wiper on this tube is fantastic-- pretty much perfect. It leaves the perfect amount of product on the brush so that your lashes don't get overloaded and clumpy. Also, the densely packed brush helps to really separate lashes.

The formula is fantastic-- neither too thin nor too thick, doesn't dry too fast-- and doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day.

In a flash~
-Great mascara! Volumizing, some lengthening, with a great formula. Two thumbs up!

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mascara Review-- CoverGirl's NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara

Hey Lovelies!!

I finally tried-out a new mascara, yaay! My favorite beauty product is- by far- mascara, so I was super excited when I picked-up this new one.


CoverGirl's New NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara, $9.99 at drugstores. 

What it claims: 
- Our innovative mousse formula exchanges select synthetic polymers with natural beeswax to help make stunning volume feel luxuriously light on your lashes. 
- Removes easily with soap and water. 

Let's take a look!

Molded bristle brush.

Bare lashes

Bare lashes, angle

(Click to enlarge)

With 3 coats, at an angle

3 coats, from further away. 

I have to admit--- when I very first put on this mascara, I immediately wanted to return it. I was just so NOT impressed. But after returning to it a few times, I've learned it's little quirks and how to make it look great, haha! (Also, I think that mascara formulas in general need to be introduced to air to really perform properly-- even with my Voluminous, it sucks if I apply it right after opening the package. Just a thought!)

First of all, the formula is AMAZING. Not too wet/dry/cakey, and it layers pretty well. You can really tell that the synthetics have been replaced-- it's not crunchy or heavy AT ALL. Yes! And, even with the moisturizing, it doesn't smudge throughout the day, and definitely no flaking.

The brush is ok... it's a molded brush, so it does a decent job of separating, but honestly it's not anything remarkable.  The formula is the major kicker here~

You'll notice that it is a tad clumpy, but only if you get really close. But seriously-- see the difference between the 1 coat and 3 coats?! I'll tell you the trick--
** Let the mascara sit on your lashes for about 10-ish seconds before applying another coat. It allows the formula to dry, but not too much that it gets too clumpy. Ta-da!

I wish this mascara had more length, but as it's marketed as a volumizing mascara, I'll let that slide. 

In a flash!~
A great lightweight, natural feeling mascara. Not as much drama as I would prefer, but a nice daytime choice.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Anything from the NatureLuxe line? Lemme know!!

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hey lovelies!!

Sorry for the lack of updates... been busy and unfortunately this took the back wheel. =(
I will have some more up soon! I've been testing out the new Cover Girl Naturals Mascara... is it worth it? We shall see!!

Again, sorry for the absence... but keep checking back! =)

Until next time (soon)--
~Beauty Maven

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reconnecting With An Old Love~

Hey there lovelies!

Let me tell you about what I've been up to the past few days, since I haven't posted.

I visited South Carolina and fell in LOVE:

I have also been busy with planning my future and such. So exciting, I know... bleh, haha.

More importantly, I fell BACK in love after I attended my friend's Mary Kay party.
I know, it sounds hokey, but it reminded me of just how much I love Mary Kay--- it is truly the only brand that I continually come back to. (Though I have NEVER strayed from my Eye Primer!!)
So I decided to sign-up for the Starter Kit to become a consultant. We'll see what happens!

((Oh... and I also played with EVERYTHING in it. Duh.))

So! Up for review today:

Mary Kay's TimeWise Liquid Foundations-- Matte-wear and Luminous-wear, $20 each, marykay.com
Shade Selector

Squeeze bottle, not a pump--

Luminous-wear foundation on left, bare skin on right.

Luminous-wear on left, Matte-wear on right.

I really love this foundation. It comes in a great variety of shades-- mine is Ivory 6. It also has a nice, natural coverage, and is buildable to help cover any problem areas. The wear time is GREAT-- I didn't notice mine really fade until later in the evening. Whoo!

The Matte-wear is more for oily/combination skin, whereas the Luminous-wear is fit for normal/dry skin. For me, the Matte-wear works best.
**I want to note that, even though it is "Matte", you still have a natural "glow", not a powdery/unnatural finish. 'It's impressive to me when companies offer foundations for different skin types, instead of simply relying on the skin care/primers to take care of that. Way to go, Mary Kay!

I also tried out a color card, and a mascara. =)

Color Card:
Mineral Eye Color in Honey Spice, Chocolate Kiss, and Ivy Garden-- $6.50 each, marykay.com
Mineral Cheek Color in Sparkling Cider-- $10, marykay.com
Creme Lipstick in Copper Star-- $13, marykay.com
Ultimate Mascara-- $15, marykay.com

Check out those lashes!

I LOVE these shadows!!!!!

The blush is a nice earthy shade, almost a blush+bronzer in one~

The lip color was a bit too neutral for me, but still pretty!

Left-overs, hahaha

Ok, so we'll do this in list form:

  • Eyeshadows-- Awesome!!!! Great pigment and texture, and not too heavy, which makes it easy to not over-apply. Excellent wear time. I will be getting all 3 of these. 
  • Cheek Color-- This shade ROCKS. I'm so buying it. Melts into skin and doesn't look powdery or fake. Enough shimmer to "glow" without being glittery. 
  • Lipstick-- I don't really like this shade so much, but it was hydrating and wore for a few hours, even through endless sipping from my water bottle. 

I'm saving the mascara review for another day. I know, I'm so mean. ;)

In a flash~
I approve of it all. Dead serious. I'm not trying to gimmick you into anything-- I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with Mary Kay since Junior High, hahaha!!
((And if you want to order, go here and show me some love.))

What do you think? Have you ever tried Mary Kay? Love it? Hate it? Curious? Leave me some thoughts, I'm really curious to know what you're thinking!! =)

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven