Monday, June 20, 2011

Mascara Monday-- Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara

Hello Lovelies!!

If you've read my recent posts, you know that I recently re-discovered Mary Kay cosmetics. I've been using them for a few weeks now, and have a lot of thoughts and pictures to share with you!

Since I love mascara so so much, I decided that their Ultimate Mascara was a great place to start. Let's begin!

Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara in black, $15 from any Independent Consultant or

What it Claims:
Turns up the wow with up to fives times the volume. Take your lashes from simple to simply sensational with Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, the most superthickening, superstar mascara from Mary Kay ever! This exclusive, all-in-one formula delivers the benefits you love most-- long, thick, voluminous-looking lashes that last all day. You get the exact amount of mascara you need for maximum plumping -- without the clumping.

Let's take a look!

Mascara tube~


Brush, close-up. 

Two coats~

Mascara applied on left, bare lashes on right~

Ooh la la!

Complete look~

I absolutely love this mascara!! It's great for day and night looks -- it layers well, so simply add another coat for evening. My favorite part is how fluttery my lashes look!! Dramatic without being spidery. 

The wiper on this tube is fantastic-- pretty much perfect. It leaves the perfect amount of product on the brush so that your lashes don't get overloaded and clumpy. Also, the densely packed brush helps to really separate lashes.

The formula is fantastic-- neither too thin nor too thick, doesn't dry too fast-- and doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day.

In a flash~
-Great mascara! Volumizing, some lengthening, with a great formula. Two thumbs up!

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven

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