Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reconnecting With An Old Love~

Hey there lovelies!

Let me tell you about what I've been up to the past few days, since I haven't posted.

I visited South Carolina and fell in LOVE:

I have also been busy with planning my future and such. So exciting, I know... bleh, haha.

More importantly, I fell BACK in love after I attended my friend's Mary Kay party.
I know, it sounds hokey, but it reminded me of just how much I love Mary Kay--- it is truly the only brand that I continually come back to. (Though I have NEVER strayed from my Eye Primer!!)
So I decided to sign-up for the Starter Kit to become a consultant. We'll see what happens!

((Oh... and I also played with EVERYTHING in it. Duh.))

So! Up for review today:

Mary Kay's TimeWise Liquid Foundations-- Matte-wear and Luminous-wear, $20 each,
Shade Selector

Squeeze bottle, not a pump--

Luminous-wear foundation on left, bare skin on right.

Luminous-wear on left, Matte-wear on right.

I really love this foundation. It comes in a great variety of shades-- mine is Ivory 6. It also has a nice, natural coverage, and is buildable to help cover any problem areas. The wear time is GREAT-- I didn't notice mine really fade until later in the evening. Whoo!

The Matte-wear is more for oily/combination skin, whereas the Luminous-wear is fit for normal/dry skin. For me, the Matte-wear works best.
**I want to note that, even though it is "Matte", you still have a natural "glow", not a powdery/unnatural finish. 'It's impressive to me when companies offer foundations for different skin types, instead of simply relying on the skin care/primers to take care of that. Way to go, Mary Kay!

I also tried out a color card, and a mascara. =)

Color Card:
Mineral Eye Color in Honey Spice, Chocolate Kiss, and Ivy Garden-- $6.50 each,
Mineral Cheek Color in Sparkling Cider-- $10,
Creme Lipstick in Copper Star-- $13,
Ultimate Mascara-- $15,

Check out those lashes!

I LOVE these shadows!!!!!

The blush is a nice earthy shade, almost a blush+bronzer in one~

The lip color was a bit too neutral for me, but still pretty!

Left-overs, hahaha

Ok, so we'll do this in list form:

  • Eyeshadows-- Awesome!!!! Great pigment and texture, and not too heavy, which makes it easy to not over-apply. Excellent wear time. I will be getting all 3 of these. 
  • Cheek Color-- This shade ROCKS. I'm so buying it. Melts into skin and doesn't look powdery or fake. Enough shimmer to "glow" without being glittery. 
  • Lipstick-- I don't really like this shade so much, but it was hydrating and wore for a few hours, even through endless sipping from my water bottle. 

I'm saving the mascara review for another day. I know, I'm so mean. ;)

In a flash~
I approve of it all. Dead serious. I'm not trying to gimmick you into anything-- I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with Mary Kay since Junior High, hahaha!!
((And if you want to order, go here and show me some love.))

What do you think? Have you ever tried Mary Kay? Love it? Hate it? Curious? Leave me some thoughts, I'm really curious to know what you're thinking!! =)

Until Next Time--
~Beauty Maven