Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marilyn Monroe!

Hello Lovelies!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend!! I basically spent my time laying by the pool, drinking, and eating grilled meat. Mmm, heaven ;)

But, back to the real world, huh? Haha!

On Monday I went out shopping with my family and found a Marilyn Monroe-esque bathing suit!! (Thanks, Mom!) Let me tell you, I feel SO FAB wearing it. Mmm! How odd to actually feed GOOD in a swimsuit, huh? lol

In fact, I felt so good, I'll even SHOW you! =)

This purchase had me wanting to put on some black eyeliner and RED lipstick! So I googled around to find a "How-to" blog... and let me tell you, I learned a lot.

When you think classic Marilyn Monroe, you think red lips-black eyeliner- white shadow, correct? Well, who knew, a LOT went into that classic look... and she rarely used black liner!! It was normally brown-- go figure!

Here is the amazing blog-- If you have some time, explore around, this blog really is fabulous!

I'm going to try this look soon and report back! =) Have a good Wednesday!!

Until next time~
Beauty Maven


  1. Oh my goodness! Love that swimsuit!! It's super adorable!

  2. Thanks, girl!! I didn't even think about this earlier, but I sure hope I don't get it dirty, haha!!

  3. Swimsuit is adorable!!! Description did not even give it justice to how flattering it is. I love it!!